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$100 Mother's Day Gift Basket #1

$100 Mother's Day Gift Basket #1

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Order a pre-made basket as a perfect gift for Mother's Day!

This basket includes...

  1. A designer hand bag by Edda Duff. (Item #200)
  2.  A card with a beautiful sunset and windmill by Mike Reisenberg. (Item #001)
  3.  Moms love reading! Shenandoah Valley Watercolor Bookmark by Donna Detrich. (Item #004)
  4. Rainbow bead Earrings by Jilly Weigel. (Item #E014)
  5.  Madder Root-dyed silk Scarf by Joanna Gray (Item #166)
  6.  Magnet Flower Vase by Sally Ridgway. (Item #109)

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